Low-wage Workers Rising!: Fighting for a Livable Wage and Paid Sick Days

Low-wage Workers Rising!: Fighting for a Livable Wage and Paid Sick
• 12-1pm, McDonald’s, 1205 Williston Rd, South Burlington


• 12-1pm, McDonald’s, 1332 US Route 302 Barre/Montpelier Rd, Berlin

Across the country, communities are standing up against low wage jobs
and policies that fail to protect working families. In the coming weeks,
Vermonters will join workers in hundreds of other cities to demand
better wages, benefits, and policies that respect people’s right to work
with dignity.

As we continue our fight to expand access to paid sick days for all
Vermont workers, we stand with OUR Walmart workers on Black Friday and
with fast food workers on the national Day Against Low Pay to build our
movement for economic justice.

Fast-food Workers Day of Action Dec 5 – Last August, fast food workers
went on strike in 60 cities nationwide. On December 5th, we join them
for a national Day Against Low Pay to demand $15 an hour and a union.

Have a story to tell about struggling to make it on poverty wages, bad
working conditions, lack of paid sick days or affordable healthcare?
Contact us at info@workerscenter.org or call the VT Workers’ Rights
Hotline (866) 229-0009.

Sponsored by the Vermont Workers’ Center, Vermont IWW, Vermont Fair Food
Campaign, Vermont State Labor Council AFL-CIO, and Occupy Central VT.

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