Doris Lake – Letter to the Editor

Editor of the Reformer:

At a recent meeting of local Liberty Union Party members, it was noted that many new voters do not realize that even before the platform that was adopted by consensus in 1978 was submitted as the official platform of Liberty Union, candidates took a strong position on the construction and operation of Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power.

Since 1978, the platform contains the following: “8 Nuclear power is intolerably and incurably unsafe, and we oppose the existence of or construction of nuclear power plants. It is, therefore, imperative that Yankee Nuclear at Vernon and all other nuclear power plants be decommissioned immediately and in the least hazardous manner, and that all resulting costs be borne by the investors, and consequently we demand a conversion to alternative renewable energy sources as soon as possible. We further demand that research, production, testing of, and deployment of nuclear,(including uranium, whether called “depleted” or not), biological, and chemical weapons immediately cease.”

Currently the Secretary of State has declared Liberty Union to be a major political party under Vermont law.

Doris Lake,

Liberty Union Party Chair,

Doris Lake

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