Democracy? Where?

By Paula Diamondstone Newton & Ian Diamondstone



This past Sunday there was a Gubernatorial Candidates Forum in Waitsfield and the public was invited. Peter Diamondstone of the LibertyUnion Party, with Major Party Status, tried to call the governor’s office and the organizers of the event so that he could fairly participate in the event but received no response.

So Sunday, he drove to the event to participate.Not only was he dragged off the stage but he was refused participation in the forum and then arrested for trespass at a PUBLIC FORUM. Due to the spectacle, the audience cheered when the candidate was taken away.

I wonder how many of those people claim to believe in Democracy?

I wonder how many of those people would tell you that our system is not run by big money ONLY?

I wonder how many of those people in the audience claim to believe in freedom of speech and would claim that Vermont is a “liberal” State?

Think again.

Paula Diamondstone Newton, Townshend, VT
Ian Diamondstone Brattleboro, VT

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