Requested statement on disability from Marina Brown

Marina Brown
Liberty Union Party

The Liberty Union Party stands for socialism and democracy in all processes
of society. We support free universal socialized medicine. Medicine
should be free of cost and be provided in a manner that respects the
individuality of patients and the wishes of the community. I advocate
community controlled clinics that directly hold practitioners
accountable tocommunity wishes and standards. Disabled people often have problems paying for
healthcare and are often treated poorly by medical practitioners.
Community control including control by the disabled community will help
ameliorate these problems.

We support peoples right to privacy and choice as long as
it is non-violent. I find the recent decisions allowing for involuntary
mental treatment to be troubling as people rights may be trampled in the
name of providing needed treatment.

I am opposed to the increasing participation of police in healthcare.
This often leads to violations of people rights and unneeded trauma at
the hands of police who are not medical personnell. I applaud the baby
steps being taken to treat drug addiction as a health issue rather than
as crime, however this is only a small start. It is time to end the
drug war entirely.

Liberty Union Party member opinion, Marina Brown

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