Statement for Disability Rights Vermont

My campaign stands for the basic principle that everyone has equal rights and dignity. I deplore media stereotypes that paint people with psychological differences as being criminal or dangerous. There are some who want the market to determine the value of everything and everyone. People with disabilities understand how dangerous that approach is. Only our democratic institutions stand between us and a system that would extract our best working years, then dispose of us. We must measure progress – not by stock prices or the GDP – but by how we treat the least privileged among us.

The Liberty Union Party stands for a universal health care system to provide quality care locally, including preventative care and prescription medicines. We would put patients in control of their care.

If elected, I would vigorously defend all sections of the Americans with Disabilities Act. I would call to amend the act to permit punitive damages for the complainants in ADA cases. I would call for the continuation of full Social Security benefits for people with disabilities who are able to work part-time, and oppose any efforts to limit access to SSDI (Supplemental Security Disability Insurance) by restricting the definition of who is considered disabled.

Liberty Union Party member opinion, Matthew Andrews

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