“Keeping An Eye On The Man, So You Don’t Have To!”

High Bailiff is an elected county position with the empowerment to arrest the Sheriff should they break the law and/or disregard Vermonter’s rights as guaranteed in our State & Federal Constitutions. In this time of neo-conservative attacks on the Bill of Rights, domestic spying, and the USA PATRIOT Act it is important that we have an active High Bailiff who is committed to defending the rights of working Vermonters. Dave Van Deusen   is committed to this defense.

*Experience: Dave was elected First Constable of Moretown in 2007, is currently an officer in the Washington County Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO, is a District Vice President in the Vermont AFL-CIO, sits on the Steering Committee of the Vermont Workers’ Center, and is a member of the National Writers Union Local 1981 & the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 1L.

On primary day write-in “Dave Van Deusen” for High Bailiff in the Washington County Liberty Union Party primary! 

*Call or email Dave with any of your questions of concerns; 802-522-5812, davidoct@chek.com

Dave Van Deusen