Vermont Liberty Union Party Endorses the Workers’ Center ‘Healthcare Is A Human Right’ Campaign

Staff Writer

Catamount Tavern News Service, Norwich, VT- On September 7, 2008, the socialist Liberty Union Party unanimously passed a resolution stating their support for the ‘Healthcare is a Human Right’ campaign as being organized by the Vermont Workers’ Center and allied labor organizations. The Liberty Union is one of the four recognized “major parties” in the Green Mountain state and is running a full slate of candidates in the general election.

The Healthcare is a Human Right campaign seeks to build a grassroots movement towards the establishment of a universal, single-payer healthcare system at the state level. To date the Vermont Workers’ Center, located in the Old North End of Burlington, has surveyed over 600 Vermonters regarding their current healthcare, or lack thereof. In addition, the organization will hold hearings on the issue across the state beginning early fall. In December their findings will be presented to the public at a healthcare conference to be held in Burlington. Workers’ Center organizers are already anticipating a massive rally for healthcare at the State House in Montpelier on May 1st, 2009. The Center is also calling on all Vermont workers (union & non-union) to “call in sick” on the day of the anticipated rally.

The full text of the Liberty Union resolution on healthcare is as follows:

“The Liberty Union Party supports the ‘Healthcare is a Human Right’ campaign of the Vermont Workers’ Center and Further:

“We require that government ought to move in the direction of assuring that the wealth and resources of the world will be used to provide a materially secure life including socialized medicine for all the people of this planet, simultaneously preserving the planet and its resources for future generations.”

*To learn more about the Healthcare is a Human Right campaign or to get involved call the Vermont Workers’ Center at; (802) 861-2877, look on the web at:, or stop by 284 N. Winooski, Burlington.

Dave Van Deusen, News/Important Reading