The Grinches of Wall Street

The Grinches of Wall Street

‘Twas the night before Christmas

 And through the Senate and House

 The money was flowing

To each Wall Street louse

The hedge fund managers and CEOs

Had told their tales of financial woes

Their stories were naughty – not very nice

They told of private jets and gluttonous vice

 Meanwhile on Main Street the people were sad

 No one could explain why things had gotten so bad

 Some said the cause was market speculation

 Others said Capitalism was the right explanation

 Santa’s elves should create a People’s State

 End all war, poverty, and hate

 A Single Payer System would keep us healthy

 Enough food for all – no need to be wealthy

 At the shelter, the children were snuggled in their beds

 As nightmares of foreclosure danced through their heads

 A holiday miracle is what we need 

On second thought – we just might have to secede


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