Petition to Peter Shumlin: Respect workers right to strike

South Burlington Teachers Strike

Peter Shumlin accepted $6,000 from the Vermont AFL-CIO for his re-election campaign, but when teachers in South Burlington went on strike he proposed taking away their rights. It’s time for Vermonters and supporters of the Labor movement to stand in solidarity with teachers and public sector workers. It’s time to tell Shumlin that we will not give up our right to strike if we are offered a bad deal.

Sign our petition! Tell Shumlin – “Respect the right of teachers and all public sector workers to strike!”

Liberty Union is the only pro-labor party in Vermont. Gubernatorial candidate Peter Diamondstone explains, “Workers don’t give up their rights when they become public employees.” Furthermore, Liberty Union endorses the ongoing strike at Fairpoint where 2,200 workers represented by the IBEW and CWA have rejected $700 million in contract concessions.

Year after year labor is increasing productivity while getting by on less. This growing inequality must stop. Unions are the anti-theft device of working people. When the unions combine forces with the Liberty Union Party, cooperatives, community groups, and the daily grassroots activity of working people, we can change labor relations in Vermont and begin to build a future of solidarity and prosperity.

FairPoint Workers Strike

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