Open Letter To The Valley Reporter/Moretown Residents

Valley Reporter/Moretown Residents,
     In reference to last week’s letter “Ask People What They Think”, I would like to applaud the authors, Trevor and Johnni Damon, for sharing their views on issues facing our community. Furthermore, I encourage all folks in Moretown to write letters to the paper, talk with their neighbors, join town committees, attend Select Board meetings, and come to Town Meeting on March 3rd in order that our local democracy can better reflect the true will of the people.
     If the people of Moretown elect me to the Select Board, I pledge to support the majority opinion of town residents on issues, regardless of what my personal feelings may be. It is my opinion that a Selectperson serves best when they listen to the people. That said it is often difficult to gage what the majority think.   Therefore, I contend that the cornerstone of the new Select Board should be to maximize public participation in the town government.  This should be done through making a serious effort to keep residents informed about the issues facing the town, by holding as many public hearings and Special Town Meetings as is needed, and by finding ways to give voice to the different opinions that Moretown folk hold.
     A year or so ago Selectman Rae Washburn, a friend and neighbor, took the initiative of putting up a town bulletin board on Jones Brook Road to keep folks on our side of Moretown informed about town business. I think this was a great start, and would like to see more of these bulletin boards put up in different parts of town. I would also like to see these boards have a drop box for comments and ideas for the Select Board. In addition, it would be good for the Select Board to set up a Moretown email list serve so that people can be informed and can then voice their views to the Select Board and to each other.  And why not post the Select Board meeting minutes inside the General Store so folks can look over what the Board has been doing while drinking a hot cup of coffee.  And finally, we need to have more informative and binding votes on the issues that face us. I, for one, would strongly advocate for Special Town Meetings that culminate in real votes whenever possible.

     On Town Meeting Day we will elect at least two new Selectpersons. I would be honored to serve our community in this role, and look forward to finding ways in which we can begin the process of bringing the town together around a common program of participatory democracy, responsible development, and economic relief for working families.

Dave Van Deusen,
Candidate For Moretown Select Board
Lynch Hill Road, Moretown, VT

Dave Van Deusen, News/Important Reading