Fight Back Rally! March for Our Jobs, Our Essential Services, Our Rights!

The attacks on working people resumed almost immediately after the 2014 elections in which we saw liberals circle their wagons to protect Democratic Party candidates. Now Shumlin and his allies want to abandon health care reform, ban public sector strikes, and cut $113 million in essential state services.

Feeling betrayed, many of these same liberal groups are now calling for a protest on April 11th. This should have happened a year ago, along with a serious conversation about supporting socialist candidates, but we say “better late than never.”

The Liberty Union Party is often ignored, but always consistent, in advocating for a society that practices peace, defends people, and protects the planet. We are the only electoral party in Vermont that declares solidarity with the international struggle for socialism.

Join us for the rally at noon on the State house steps. We will be passing out the latest issue of Vermont Movement News. Then join us at 2:00pm at La Brioche Cafe (89 Main Street) for a discussion on real solutions to austerity in Vermont.

Here is a link to the official rally flyer:

In case there are updates, RSVP for the rally on facebook:

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