We Love Seven Days !!!

We always look forward to the latest 7 days newspaper coming out ! There is NOTHING i repeat NOTHING that is better for the following uses. I’m not sure what it is, whether it is the quality of the paper or the ink they use on it but we use it for the following uses.

Stuffing in wet boots.

Lining Cat boxes.

Lining Pet Chicken Cages (even the chickens seem to look forward to the tearing of the pages)

Lighting wood stoves

Scrubbing greasy smoker grills

Butcher paper for cleaning roosters

Butcher paper for cleaning fish and venison

Paper for cleaning windows

Just make sure you stock up on your Seven Days. Not sure who actually buys what they advertise – other than the classifieds but they do seem to keep on putting it out.

Liberty Union Party member opinion

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