Official Campaign Statement of Rosemarie Jackowski Liberty Union Candidate for Vermont Attorney General

Official Campaign Statement of Rosemarie Jackowski
Liberty Union Candidate for Vermont Attorney General

1.Every Vermonter needs access to justice.
a) The Office of Attorney General should never be used as a political tool. The power of the
office is a sacred trust that must insure justice for all. The Office of Attorney General should set
the ethical standard for Vermont.
b) Funding should be increased for the Office of Legal Aid.
2. Protection of the most vulnerable.
a) Elder abuse and financial exploitation of the elderly is a hidden epidemic.
b) Every case of reported abuse of the disabled or elderly must be investigated in a timely
manner and prosecuted if the facts support prosecution.
3. Health care system in Vermont needs immediate reform.
a) Review and rescind the state policy which prohibits doctors/dentists licensed in other states
from rendering compassionate, no-cost medical care in Vermont.
b) Every Vermonter needs access to a primary care physician.
A clinic cannot provide the same quality of care as a personal family physician. Improve the
quality of care. End “assembly line” medical care.
c) Access to dental care is an essential part of health care and should be included for every
child and every adult.
d) Allow doctors and patients to opt-out of the digitized health record system. Digitized medical
records cannot guarantee privacy. There have been many reports of death because of
inaccuracies in the records.
e) Increase funding for independent health care advocates. Advocates should not be in the
chain of command of the institution they serve. No Vermont hospital has an independent patient
f) Health care costs should be controlled by capping the compensation of hospital CEOs.
Control IT costs. No more no-bid contracts.
We used to be patients. Then we became customers. Now we are $$$$$$$.
4. Focus on consumer protection.
a) Labeling of food products is not enough. Labeling must be clear and not digitized.
b) Other products also should be labeled.
• Most pre-finished wood flooring on the market contains aluminum oxide nano particles. Some
experts believe that this presents a serious health/environmental risk.
• Dietary supplements should be accurately labeled. The New York state attorney general
recently sued on behalf of New York consumers on that issue.• New and used automobiles should be labeled identifying any/all safety related defective
components. We must end the complicity of NHTSA and the auto manufacturers. The data
exists. There is no justification in waiting until there are dead bodies on the highway and a recall
is ordered. Consumers need access to a data base that lists VIN numbers and defective parts
before deaths occur.
5. Monitoring of all public utilities.
Many Vermonters have had on-going problems with Comcast, Consolidated Communications,
Green Mountain Power, etc. This can sometimes result in a life threatening medical emergency.
Eliminate PSB Rule 7.609 which allows companies to bill for a full day even when service was
provided for only one minute in that 24-hour period.
6. PFOA Crisis
a) PFOA in the water not only a health issue, but an economic disaster for towns and home
b) Victim home owners should not be burdened with the cost of municipal water. Home owners
have already paid for wells which are now contaminated. The responsible companies should
pay for the water for the first 20 years.
7. The First Amendment in Vermont.
a) Political speech in public tax supported facilities should never be censored.
Examples of Censorship include:
Peter Diamondstone was arrested at a debate at the Vermont Law School.
Some political books are banned by public tax-supported libraries.
b) The chipping away of Constitutional Rights should never be trivialized. Academic freedom in
high schools and colleges must be supported.
rosemarie jackowski
Rosemarie Jackowski is a peace activist and advocacy journalist living in Vermont. She
has spent many years in public and private education. Her first year of teaching was in a
public school in New Jersey in 1957.

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