Em Peyton statement on Kavanaugh

Press Release

Em Peyton – Liberty Union Party candidate for Vermont Governor.

News Release
Sept 20 2018

(Candidates Personal Opinion)

I am a member of the Liberty Union Party because it is devoted to the expansion of open democracy, and no democracy can exist where sexual predation is allowed to continue as a part of existing normal behavior by any member of any sex.This supreme court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh must be struck down, and if, by some devious means, it is not, as Governor, I will seek legal contractual means to allow Vermonters to claim exemption from all opinions Kavanaugh could ever make on a supreme court. It is my additional suggestion that our sitting members of congress take action of civil disobedience to prevent appointment of this nomination by physically lying down onthe senate floor and while in that position to actively imagine all the women who have been put in a similar position against their will by men who believe sexual predation is acceptable.

Liberty Union Party member opinion

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