Marina Brown Statement on racism and candidate harrassment

Press Release

Marina Brown – Liberty Union Party candidate for Auditor of Accounts.

News Release
Sept 20 2018

(Candidates Personal Opinion)

I condemn in no uncertain terms the bigotry expressed by an independent candidate at the candidates forum around Sept 10 on Springfield Public Access TV. The comments about the NAACP wanting black people to take “our jobs” fueled the worst fears of white people in difficult economic times. The NAACP has been a moderate and positive influence for civil rights in this country for many decades. It is not acceptable to pass off unfounded accusations about it.

In the face of the continued harrassment of Kiah Morris by racist elements inside and outside of Vermont and the serious death threats issued against Cristine Halquist it is essential that all people of conscience stand up against the bigots that have been making their presence known. Bigotry and racism must be countered. It cannot be defeated by ignoring it and pretending that it does not exist.

Liberty Union Party member opinion

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