A Statement on Political Violence, Hoaxes and Dirty Tricks.

Press Release

Marina Brown – Liberty Union Party candidate for Auditor of Accounts.

News Release
Oct 26 2018

(Candidates Personal Opinion with cosigngers)

A Statement on Political Violence, Hoaxes and Dirty Tricks.

As the Country and sadly the State of Vermont slides slowly towards
dirtier and more violent politics people of good will must
try to put the brakes on what is headed in a possibly tragic direction.
Many of the dirty tricks and hoaxes seem to be intended to increase
tension, create possibly false accusations and police investigations.
This will only lead towards increased violence. This is not something
that people of good will want.

In New York City there was an incident of vandalism of a party club
that seemed to point towards anarchists, however unlike the way that
US anarchists normally act there was no anonymous writeup posted
claiming responsibility as anarchists often do. My intention is not
to further speculation as we really don’t know who did the vandalism
only that it fueled further aggression the next night when there was
a violent brawl resulting in a number of arrests.

We are living in volatile times. People who do not wish widespread
violence have to warn people who are trying to drop a lit match into
open pools of gasoline – which in reality is an accumulation of
polarizing falsehoods and political resentment. This includes the
internet and tv figures who are preaching about “the upcoming civil war”.
In Vermont we have seen a black politician forced out of office due
to continuing and aggressive racist harassment including swastikas
being painted near her house. We have seen anonymous vandalism that
that has increased tension and we have seen death threats apparently
intended to increase hatred of the so called left. We have seen an
apparently organized wholesale theft of campaign signs. On a national
level, few people have not heard about the supposed bombs sent to various
political figures and to the press. A self-proclaimed gang leader
has even called for “more violence from trump supporters”.

If you are vocal in politics or are involved in politics we the undersigned
are calling for people to stop calling for violence. It is fine to promote
self defense but it is destructive to build up fear and resentment that lead
to violence. I am also calling for people to stop public speculation
of who did various anonymous actions. If it is not known it is not known.
Speculation and finger pointing simply lead us on a path to more violence.

Lets try to de-escalate the situation that people have created at this

Marina Brown – Liberty Union Party Candidate for VT State Auditor
Murray Ngoima – Liberty Union candidate for Lt. Governor
Laura S. Potter – Liberty Union Candidate for US House of Representatives
Norman Emond – Liberty Union Party Member
Tom Finnell – Liberty Union Party Member
Rosemarie Jackowski – Liberty Union candidate for Vermont attorney general
An anonymous Charleston resident

Liberty Union Party member opinion

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