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The Liberty Union party calls for the immediate release of Leonard Peltier on compassionate grounds. “Native American activist Leonard Peltier has spent over 40 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Prosecutors and federal agents manufactured evidence against him… hid proof of his innocence; presented false testimony obtained through torturous interrogation techniques; ignored court orders; and lied to the jury. People are commonly set free due to a single constitutional violation, but Peltier—innocent and faced with a staggering number of constitutional violations—has yet to receive equal justice.” (Free Leonard Peltier Website) Leonard is aged and ill and is being needlessly exposed to COVID-19 in a facility that cannot meet his basic health needs. Peltier is, as of 2020, one of the longest serving political prisoners in the world. He urgently needs compassionate release or commutation of his sentence that has now stretched for 44 years, as well as immediate transfer to a medical facility for proper medical treatment.

It should be taken into account that after Mr. Peltier was extradited the Canadian goverment complained to the United States government that they had been deceived, or would never have released Mr. Peltier.

Peltier was running as VP candidate alongside Gloria La Riva in her bid for the presidency, sponsored by the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL).

“In a message regarding his withdrawal to Gloria La Riva on July 29, 2020, Leonard wrote:

“I know this is a huge disappointment to you as it is mine, that I have to drop out of the campaign with Gloria La Riva. My medical problems are not getting any better. I need to try to get home or at least closer. If so, it would be easier to get out. So please, forgive me if I have disappointed any of you. I did not intend to. Nor was I dropping out because I did not believe in it. I’m seriously hurting. Just know I love you young people who support me. You’re awesome. Thank you for your support and love.

“Doksha, Leonard Peltier”

The PSL 2020 vice-presidential candidate will be Washington DC-based long-time activist and fighter for justice Sunil Freeman.”

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