Liberty Union Party Endorsement of Chris Helali

Liberty Union Endorsement of Chris Helali for Congress

The Liberty Union Party, Vermont’s non-violent socialist party, fully endorses Chris Helali in his campaign to run for U.S. Representative for Vermont’s at-large congressional district. Chris is running as a communist with The Party of Communists USA. Chris Helaili’s positions align with those of the Liberty Union platform; he is an anti-war advocate, he opposes imperialism, and vehemently opposes the F-35’s in Vermont. Chris has a dedication to international politics, as well as locally based activism. Christopher is the chair of the Vermont Progressive Party Orange County Committee as well as the Vershire Town Committee of the VPP. Chris has a dedication to fighting with and for the working class against parties of capitalism and war. Chris resides in Vershire, Vermont, where he runs a farm with his partner Amanda and their son Theodore.

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