Cannabis for the 99% Rally Montpelier October 4th!

There is a cannabis bill on the Governor’s desk that would create barriers for BIPOC and small local farmers and cultivators to enter the Cannabis market while favoring wealthy and established corporations.

We are calling for all folks involved in the Cannabis industry and those impacted by the criminalization of Cannabis to unite in protecting Cannabis for all in Vermont: Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC), farmers, providers, growers, and all those who believe Cannabis should be justly and widely available in Vermont.

S.54, the cannabis bill currently on the Governor’s desk, fails to:

  • Address the significant and devastating historical, social, and economic impact Cannabis has on BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and others harmed by the criminalization of cannabis.”
  • Address the current impact systemic racism has on the cannabis industry
  • Acknowledge the 1000+ registered Hemp cultivators and processors in Vermont
  • Include the voices and concerns of local growers, farmers, and small businesses
  • Provide access to folks who may not have the resources to spend on consultants, licenses, and equipment
  • Provide a viable pathway for market access
  • Enable a successful transition of Vermonters from the legacy market into the legal one
  • & much more

Come out and make your voice heard. We must join forces to ensure that our first Cannabis taxation and regulation bill is fair and equitable for all Vermonters. We are Vermont!

Thank you,
Mark Hughes
Executive Director, Justice for All
Coordinator, Vermont Racial Justice Alliance

Liberty Union Party member opinion

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