Fwd: Thurs. 10/8 @ 3pm PT | Livestream: Organizing for Revolution Every day

Party for Socialism and Liberation

Thurs. 10/8 @ 3pm PT / 6pm ET

Organizing for Revolution Every day:
Learn more about socialism – Vote socialist 2020!

Join us October 8 at 3pm PT/6pm ETfor a special livestream to learn about the PSL presidential campaign and revolutionary program. The world is facing unprecedented crises, which cannot be solved by the two major party presidential candidates because they defend the system that caused the crises. Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s platforms do not offer any remedy to the struggles of ordinary and working class people. The people may not identify with these candidates, but they are told there are no other options. But just the opposite is true.

View the livestream on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pslweb/posts/10158013184472515, on Twitter @PSLweb or on Youtube https://youtu.be/2pzJvWybkBc.


There is a candidate and a Party that represent people’s interests, a candidate and socialist activists who dedicate their lives fighting injustice and fighting for socialism. Join the livestream to learn about Gloria La Riva, the people’s candidate for president, about Sunil Freeman, vice presidential candidate and the Party for Socialism and Liberation. Our socialist campaign is promoting a revolutionary program to challenge the corporate controlled Democrat- and Republican leaders, who place profit before people. We have worked hard to get on in 15 state ballots to reach millions! In this campaign we are helping to build an independent multinational working-class movement that puts people’s needs before that of the banks and the corporate elite.

Follow the campaign on twitter https://twitter.com/LaRiva2020

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